Be Smart And Follow These Tips On Canine Training

Everyone is susceptible to having their heart stolen by a puppy. If you’re thinking about getting a dog, or already have one, congratulations. A well trained pet is key to a successful relationship. The dog will realize what it must do, and you are sure to have greater confidence in their abilities, no matter where you are. Keep reading for great tips to help you and your dog have an excellent relationship.

Positive reinforcement is important when training your dog. Giving you pet treats in a timely manner is very important. Make sure to give your dog the treats at the proper time, to encourage good behavior.

Verbal cues are very important to make sure that your dog is under your command. Using an affirmative word can help your dog understand they did their part and it is time for a treat.

As your dog gets better with training, you can start to give him or her more freedom. Your dog will flourish with a good balance between control and respect. Like most things, too much freedom can be counterproductive, so exercise caution with certain liberties.

As you encounter unfamiliar dogs, make certain to advance with care and let the dog smell your hand. This lets the dog get accustomed to your smell and he will be more trusting towards you. Dogs that know your smell are less likely to fear you and more likely to obey commands.

One of the very first commands you should teach a new puppy is the “leave it” command, which tells them to drop an item and step back from it. This is a good way to keep your dog from chewing things and make sure they do not chew dangerous objects.

Maintain brief training sessions. When your dog doesn’t get bored, they’ll be a better training partner. If you want a long session, make sure that your dog has a break in between.

It is hoped that these tips will help you and your pet enjoy a trusting relationship. Use the tips that correspond to your situation. There is not a single doubt that your new pup or faithful dog has captured your heart. Success can only be found through consistent training. Therefore, ensure that you properly train your dog. Congratulations on your new furry friend.